It only takes a few quick steps to find your ideal next car. Try it now – we’ll take you through the options and get you the best quotes. There’s no obligation until you decide to buy. Want to know more? If the answer to your question isn’t below, email us at hello@buyacar.co.uk or call our team on 0800 050 2333.

Who are BuyaCar?

BuyaCar has been in the British motor trade for nearly 50 years, and online since 2002. Today, we’re part of Dennis, the company behind Auto Express and Car Buyer. Dennis BuyaCar Ltd (09151058) is registered at 31-32 Alfred Place, London, WC1E 7DP.

How does BuyaCar work?

By finding great deals on the car that you’re looking for. We've partnered with thousands of established car dealers across Britain, representing all the major brands. This means that when you search for a car, we can match you with used, nearly new and brand new models at a low price. When you decide on a car, we’ll take you through the buying process and the car will be delivered to your door.

Why buy from BuyaCar?

1. PEACE OF MIND - All our cars come from the UK main dealers and go through rigorous checks and tests before they arrive at your door

2. THE VERY BEST PRICES - Whether buying outright or taking one of our affordable monthly payment plans, we've travelled the UK for the best deals - so you don't have to

3. ZERO HASSLE - Along with 1000's of cars to choose from, you can apply for finance online and value your existing car all from the comfort of your favourite armchair

Do all the cars have a warranty?

Yes. Brand new cars, built to order, come with the full manufacturer’s warranty, including roadside assistance and any other standard features. Other cars come with the balance of any remaining manufacturer’s warranty. If this no longer applies, the car will have 30 days mechanical warranty.

Your local approved garage will carry out any servicing in the future, regardless of the original dealer.

Will I have to negotiate with dealers?

No. There isn’t any hassle because we show you the lowest fixed prices we can get. If you’re buying a used car or a nearly new model that’s in stock at a dealership, then we will manage the entire process.

We can also arrange a brand new car, built to your exact specification by the factory. Once you’ve chosen your car, we’ll put you in touch with a dealer to complete the order.

Can I talk to someone?

Yes! Behind our website is a team of real people in our London office. They sort out car deals all day. Give them a call on 0800 050 2333 during our opening hours. Please note that we will be closing earlier than usual at 6pm this Thursday, 17 May.

Monday to Thursday 9am to 8pm
Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm

At any other time, send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible the next day.

Is it safe to buy a car without seeing it?

Yes, and thousands of happy customers think so too. We only list cars from vetted dealers and every used car is mechanically inspected and checked against the HPI database, which verifies its history and mileage. Besides the warranty, you’ll have 14 days from delivery of the car to return it for your money back if you decide not to keep it (see our returns and cancellations policy for mileage limit and collection charges).

Are all your new cars from the current UK range?

When you order a factory-built car, it will be from the current range. If you have a brochure that shows different specifications from our website, the website is usually more up to date, because our information comes directly from the car industry’s database. We’ll be happy to check any details for you.

We’ll also show you new cars already in stock that match your choices. Specifications may vary a little. Again, we’re here to help with any queries. All of our cars are from UK franchised dealers.

Can I trade in an existing car?

Yes, if it’s under 10 years old and 85,000 miles. Enter some details and we’ll give you a rough valuation. When you decide to go ahead, we’ll confirm an exact price. This will include collection from your home address.

How do I pay for my car?

Your car can be reserved with a small deposit that's displayed in the description of every used or nearly-new car. The easiest way to pay is on the website by credit or debit card. Most people will finance the rest of the cost on hire purchase (HP) or personal contract purchase (PCP), which we can arrange for you at very competitive rates. If you buy a brand new car that's built to your specification, the order will be fulfilled by a dealer who will also be able to offer finance packages.

If you’re paying the whole amount in cash, this will be by bank transfer using your bank’s online or telephone banking services or by popping into a branch. We can’t accept card payments over £2,000, but if you pay your deposit with a credit card the whole purchase will be protected under the Consumer Credit Act.

How do the finance options work?

Finance is flexible to suit as many people as possible. Firstly, you decide the size of deposit that you can afford.

If you then choose Hire Purchase (HP), the total cost of the car will be split into monthly payments. The longer the deal, the lower the payments. At the end, the car is yours.
Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) offers cheaper monthly bills because you only pay some of the car’s cost over the course of the deal. At the end, you can either choose to pay the remainder (known as a balloon payment) and keep the car or hand the keys back and walk away without paying any more.

You’ll need to know more before deciding on a finance arrangement. We’ll tell you the full terms and conditions before you sign up to anything. Dennis BuyaCar Ltd (FRN: 667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit brokering activities.

Can I end my finance early?

Yes. You can return your vehicle to the finance company early. Depending on its value and the amount of time left on the agreement, you may be required to pay a settlement fee. We use a variety of lenders and each one sets out the process in their terms and conditions. 

Can I arrange my own finance?

Yes. If you take out a loan to pay for your car, the lender will put the money in your account and you’ll pay us via bank transfer. If you want to arrange hire, lease or contract purchase separately, we’ll need to deal with your finance company and there’ll be a £99 charge for this.

What documents will I need?

To buy a car from us, basically none. You will have to arrange insurance and vehicle tax. We’ll provide the necessary details for you to do this.

For finance, you’ll need a copy of your UK driving licence or another proof of address; a second proof of address, such as a recent utility bill or bank statement; and a second proof of signature, such as a copy of your passport or debit card. We’ll let you know when we need these.

How will my car be delivered?

If you choose a new or used car from stock, we can have it driven to your address in England or Wales for a fixed fee that's displayed underneath the description of every car. Factory-built cars are delivered by a dealer who will let you know of any charges.

How long will it take?

It depends where the car is coming from. New and used cars from stock will be delivered as soon as possible after we confirm the details with you and receive your payment. For factory-built cars, the manufacturer’s ‘lead time’ is the same for everyone, typically about 8-10 weeks.

When do I get my paperwork?

Your car will already be in the process of being registered in your name when it’s delivered.

When you buy a used or nearly new car, we’ll give you the New Keeper section of its V5 logbook immediately, which confirms you as the new owner and will allow you to tax the car online. The rest of the logbook is sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), who will then send you a new version in your name.

Brand new cars will never have had a previous owner, so there’s no logbook to hand over when the car is delivered.  Ahead of delivery, you'll be asked to sign a form that allows us to register you as the first owner with the DVLA. The car will also be taxed for a year. Your logbook will then be posted to you by the DVLA, and normally arrives within a couple of weeks.

Are there any fees to use BuyaCar?

No. We make a small margin from the price of each car. We can keep our prices competitive because we handle a lot of sales, we don’t have a shiny showroom to maintain, and we don’t offer you free coffee. You’re not missing anything, we make terrible coffee.