Best cars for four car seats

Lucky enough to have four children but struggling to find a car that can safely transport all of them? Fear not; here are eight options

James Wilson
Jun 15, 2022

Finding the best car that can accommodate four child seats can feel remarkably difficult. This is because there are plenty of cars that are suitable for a pair of child seats, but typically these don’t feature more than two or maybe three spaces suitable for younger kids. What’s more, car makers often don’t clearly list the number of child seat mounting points their cars have, which only adds to the challenge. Happily, BuyaCar has undertaken all the research for you and identified some of the best cars for taking four child seats.

To qualify, there were a number of requirements that had to be met. Firstly, cars needed to have at least four sets of Isofix points, with Isofix being a format for attaching a seat to a car that meets industry standards. In addition, there had to physically be enough space to install the seat - rather than having a minuscule slither of cabin that would leave parents frustrated every time they go on a journey. Another requirement is a high crash test rating, as after all, you'll be carrying a very precious load.

All of the models below can transport at least a driver and five passengers but some models are available with various seating arrangements. For example, three rows of two seats is an option in some (albeit this is quite unusual) while the more common layout is a row of two, a row of three and another row of two.

Losing one seat from the middle can be a plus as it means there is good access to the rearmost seats and/or some manufacturers install cool swivelling middle seats, so rear passengers can face one another; great for having a sociable lunch with the family on a rainy journey. 

Below are eight of the best cars for carrying four car seats. They come from a variety of different brands and are available with a range of different fuel types - and you can choose from large SUVs, people carriers and van-based models.

Best cars for four child seats

1. Tesla Model X

Best electric car for four car seats

Our pick Tesla Model X Dual Motor
Used deals from £54,000
Monthly finance from £803*

The Tesla Model X is an electric car available with either five, six or seven seats and it is the latter two that those looking to use four car seats will want to hunt down. Versions with six seats come with three rows of two and on top of the access benefits that come from this layout, having one less seat in the middle row can actually help with spacing out misbehaving children. Two of the biggest appeals of a Tesla are the range from a full charge and the Supercharger network.

With the Model X, a range of up to 333 miles per charge is possible, depending on the specification of car. However, in the real world, range it is likely to be less, much like fuel economy figures of petrol and diesel cars are always optimistic. As for the Supercharger network, this is the network of charging points that Tesla has installed across the UK (and around the world) which have been positioned in key locations to aid easy long-distance journeys.

Tesla's chargers are amongst the slickest charging points available thanks to small but important features such as being able to recognise a car when plugged in and charge your account automatically, rather than you having to log in with an app or card. Additionally, there are no worries about compatibility, as with other chargers, with all Superchargers being suitable for the Model X.


2. Land Rover Discovery

Best four-wheel-drive car for four car seats

Our pick Land Rover Discovery 3.0 SDV6 HSE
Used deals from £33,750
Monthly finance from £551*

The latest version of the Land Rover Discovery offers motorists an awful lot. It is very comfortable to drive, so whether you regularly tackle long-distance motorway trips or often travel on B roads, the Discovery should serve you well. The Discovery is not cheap, but then again you get what you pay for here. The interior is high quality and hidden underneath the bodywork is Land Rover’s legendary four-wheel-drive system, which makes it an incredibly capable off-roader.

Open any of the doors to this Land Rover and you will be greeted by a lot of space. The cabin is big, the boot is big, even the engine bay is quite large. As for children, there are Isofix points on the outer middle and rearmost seats, meaning up to four child seats can be installed. The sixth and seventh seats are even large enough for adults to use and still be relatively comfortable, which is more than can be said for a lot of seven-seaters, which have a third row only suitable for children or very short adults.


3. Citroen SpaceTourer

Best van-based people carrier for four car seats

Our pick Citroen SpaceTourer 1.5 BlueHDi Feel
Used deals from £18,995
Monthly finance from £331*

If you are thinking that the SpaceTourer looks a little van-like, that is because this Citroen is built using many of the same components as the Citroen Dispatch van. If you need lots of space for kids, luggage and any other family-related paraphernalia then, this is great news as vans are incredibly practical. There are a number of different seating configurations with up to nine seats possible. The middle and rearmost rows are able to offer up to three Isofix points each, taking care of anyone with four car seats to secure.

To make sure motorists don’t feel like they are driving a delivery van, the SpaceTourer comes with a much more plush interior than its commercial Dispatch cousins. There are still some tough-feeling plastics used - which makes this a very hard-wearing machine, though not the most luxurious - but for families, this should make the interior easier to clean and harder to damage. There is plenty of equipment on offer, too, including a touchscreen media system and parking sensors.


4. Volkswagen Touran

Best medium people carrier for four car seats

Our pick Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI SE Family DSG
Used deals from £16,990
Monthly finance from £323*

Cars like the Volkswagen Touran may not be the most stylish of vehicles but what they lack in flair, they make up for in practicality. It is not the largest car, but still offers space for seven people. All models have seven seats and all of the seats in the second and third rows come with Isofix points. The middle row can be slid forwards and back which is helpful to enable reasonably tall people to travel in the sixth and seventh seats or if you need to carry an extra-large item in the boot.

For low-hassle driving, we’d recommend looking at a Touran with an automatic gearbox. This will mean you don't need to worry about gearchanges and clutch control when you are more worried about child control. There are petrol and diesel engines to choose from and unless diesel is a no-go for you then the 1.6-litre 'TDI' diesel should prove to be the most economical.


5. Audi Q7

Best large SUV for four car seats

Audi SQ7 second-row seat view

Our pick Audi Q7 3.0 TDI S line
Used deals from £27,000
Monthly finance from £461*

Now in its second generation, the Audi Q7 has proven to be a hit with motorists looking for a large but upmarket SUV. In addition, the Q7 comes with six sets of Isofix points, which is class-leading for this type of car. Another important feature is that the Q7 was given a five-star crash test rating, so it should do a very good job of keeping your family safe.

When shopping for a Q7, one of the more important decisions to make is whether you would like a pre-2019 or a post-2019 model. This is because Audi updated the Q7 in that year, refreshing the styling, engines and improving some of the equipment available. The changes were definitely improvements but whether or not the financial premium for these updates is worth it to you will be down to your budget.


6. Mercedes GLB

Best medium SUV for four car seats

Our pick Mercedes GLB 220d AMG Line
Used deals from £31,980
Monthly finance from £468*

The GLB is the smallest seven-seat car that Mercedes offers. Although the rearmost seats are quite tight for space, meaning they are best for children, they do come with Isofix points. There are also Isofix points on the two outer middle-row seats, too, so there's the ability to secure four car seats.

Compared to other SUVs that offer a similar package to the GLB, this Mercedes manages to stand out thanks to its somewhat boxy shape. Sometimes boxy can translate to looking brick-like but in the case of the GLB, it results in a car that has a very roomy cabin and looks chunky rather than dated. When it comes to the interior, Mercedes has used plenty of upmarket materials and the design looks very modern. Touches like air vents styled like turbines can go down a storm with kids, too.

Drivers looking to cut their carbon footprint may want to consider the electric EQB version of this car, which should be able to do more than 250 miles per charge according to official figures. These are around £15,000 more expensive than the cheapest petrol GLB, though, and are less common used because they haven't been on sale as long.


7. Mercedes V-Class

Best upmarket people carrier for four car seats

Our pick Mercedes V220d AMG Line
Used deals from £47,000
Monthly finance from £855*

Much like the Citroen SpaceTourer highlighted previously, the V-Class is a people carrier based on a van. That said, the Mercedes is positioned as a more luxurious people carrier. To reflect this, there are options such as ‘captain seats’. These are effectively individual armchairs that can come with reclining and massaging features. Whether your kids would notice such levels of comfort is another question altogether.

A more conventional seat layout (pictured above) is one with bench seats which span the width of the V-Class, making the Mercedes an eight-seater. Regardless of the seating arrangement, all models come with at least four Isofix points.

Mercedes offers multiple lengths of V-Class with one of the biggest differences between these models being the amount of boot space. In terms of dimensions, while the V-Class is long, it is actually the height of the V-Class that can be an issue, as it can be too tall to fit into some multi-storey car parks. The height and length of the V-Class is invaluable, though, if you want the maximum amount of passenger and luggage space in a comfortable, upmarket car.


8. Seat Alhambra

Best value people carrier for four car seats

Our pick Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI SE DSG
Used deals from £17,999
Monthly finance from £309*

Seat stopped making the Alhambra in 2020 but it remains one of the best people carriers available - especially for anyone who values a spacious cabin without having as large a car as the V-Class above. One of the best features is the sliding rear doors. Not only do some kids love a sliding door, but they also mean younger passengers can’t accidentally damage bodywork by smacking the door against other cars, walls or other nearby obstacles.

Handily, Seat didn’t offer all that many different trim levels with the Alhambra and there are no duds in the range as all models come with a good amount of equipment. That said, we’d suggest shopping for an SE version, as these offer the best balance of price and equipment with features such as cruise control, alloy wheels and climate control all being included. That said, as the Alhambra was launched in 2010 its cabin technology isn't as cutting edge as some cars listed here, but the affordability of this Seat reflects this.


*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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