Car buying guides

Everything you need to know about your next car.

  • Toyota Supra (2019-present)

    Toyota’s Porsche Cayman rival is fast and fun to drive, yet delivers surprising comfort and everyday practicality

  • Toyota RAV4 (2019-present)

    The new, hybrid-only Toyota RAV4 is cheap to run, reliable, fun to drive and striking looking in a class brimming with talented rivals

  • Toyota GT86 (2012-2021)

    The Toyota GT86 is such great fun to drive that you’ll be willing to overlook its obvious flaws.

  • Toyota Corolla (2019-present)

    The Toyota Corolla returns with familiar hybrid efficiency and practicality - but with style too

  • Toyota Land Cruiser (2009-present)

    The Toyota Land Cruiser builds on almost 70 years-worth of off-road experience but feels more agricultural than modern SUVs

  • Used Toyota Auris (2013-2019)

    Safe and sensible, the Toyota Auris won’t set your world alight but should be reliable and economical

  • Toyota C-HR (2017-present)

    The Toyota C-HR is an agile, sporty-looking crossover with a difference: a hybrid option for better fuel economy

  • Used Toyota RAV4 (2013-2019)

    It’s not the most exciting or economical SUV you can buy but the Toyota RAV4 is at least spacious and reassuringly well made

  • Toyota Avensis (2015-2019)

    A sensible and reliable choice, the Toyota Avensis is overlooked by drivers who want a bit more character to their car

  • Toyota Prius (2016-2022)

    Frugal on fuel, big on space and comfortable too: the Toyota Prius isn't just for taxi drivers

  • Toyota Aygo (2014-2021)

    Standing out a mile thanks to the big cross on its bonnet, the Toyota Aygo ticks plenty of boxes as a decent city car

  • Toyota Hilux (2016-2021)

    The Hilux pick-up is a tough, go-anywhere workhorse, suitable for business and pleasure