Jargon busters

  • What is VED (Vehicle Excise Duty)?

    VED - or car tax - is affected by a car’s age and its CO2 emissions. Find out what VED is and how much it costs with our guide to road tax

  • What is AdBlue?

    Is your car telling you to top up your AdBlue? It could refuse to start if you don’t. Read what AdBlue is and how to top up

  • What is an approved used car?

    Ever seen 'approved used' cars for sale wondered what they are? Here's everything you need to know about these used cars with a difference

  • Cars with push button start

    A simple push of a start button is enough to get some cars started

  • What is car leasing? Car leasing explained

    Leasing – where you effectively agree a long-term rental of a car – is one of the cheapest ways to get into a brand-new car

  • What is a mild hybrid car?

    A boost to fuel economy without the cost of a full hybrid car: why mild hybrid technology could well be coming to your next car.

  • What is a hybrid car and how do they work?

    Hybrid cars combine a battery and engine for fuel efficiency and long range. Here's the full guide

  • Electric car glossary: jargon busting kWh and more

    Are you confused by EV terms such as AC, kWh and Ah? Fear not, as the Buyacar team is here to explain everything you need to know…

  • What is a supermini?

    If a city car is too small but a family car is too big, a supermini might be perfect for you. We’re here to explain what a supermini is

  • What is a Cat C car?

    Exactly what is a Cat C, Cat N or Cat S car? Here’s our guide to these categories of insurance write-off and repair

  • What is an SUV?

    SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, but what exactly is an SUV?

  • What is an estate car?

    If you are looking for a spacious car that is enjoyable to drive, an estate car might be perfect for you