Jargon busters

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    Want a car that can keep your dog safe when you have to leave your furry friend in the car? Check out Tesla's 'Dog Mode'

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    Need a family car with lots of boot space, but don't want to sacrifice your own driving enjoyment? An estate car might be the answer

  • Audi engine codes: what they mean

    The Audi engine naming system can be complex to understand. What does 35 TFSI mean? Here's our guide to Audi engine codes

  • Car insurance groups

    How car insurance group ratings can make a huge difference to your premiums

  • What is Euro NCAP?

    Keen to choose a car that will protect you well in a crash? Euro NCAP safety ratings show how safe cars are for occupants and pedestrians

  • What is Citroen SimplyDrive?

    Pay for your car finance, insurance, servicing and breakdown cover in one single instalment: all the details on Citroen SimplyDrive

  • What is park assist?

    Look like a driving whizz without even touching the wheel: the cars that park themselves

  • What is a Cat D car?

    Vehicles classed as โ€˜Cat Dโ€™ under the old write-off categorisation system can be temptingly cheap, but they arenโ€™t without their risks

  • What is an approved used car?

    Ever seen 'approved used' cars for sale wondered what they are? Here's everything you need to know about these used cars with a difference

  • Government electric car grant: the complete guide

    All you need to know about the ยฃ2,500 government grant for electric vehicles (EVs) under ยฃ35,000, and which models are eligible

  • What is a Cat S car?

    If you look through many used car adverts, you might come across 'Category S' or 'Cat S' cars, but what are these and should you be wary?

  • What is MirrorLink?

    Operate phone apps safely through your car's screen: find out which cars and phones work with MirrorLink