Car buying advice

  • How does BuyaCar work?

    Find the perfect car from the comfort of your home. Delivered to your door with a 14-day money-back guarantee

  • The best time to buy a car

    Give yourself the best odds of getting the biggest discounts with our guide to the best time to buy a car

  • Buying a used car with BuyaCar

    Find your ideal car and get it delivered to your door: how to buy a used car online with BuyaCar

  • Second-hand Hire Purchase (HP) finance

    Want to own your car once you've made all the monthly payments - but with the lowest possible instalments? Check out used car Hire Purchase

  • Car tax rates 2021/22

    Understand car tax rates, including the diesel surcharge - with details for cars registered before and after April 2017

  • PCP car deals with no deposit

    If you don’t have enough money for a big deposit, you can still find lots of great finance deals without any deposit at all

  • Cars with park assist

    Take the stress out of the multi-storey car park with these used cars equipped with park assist

  • Types of car

    From city cars to luxury SUVs - we explain the different types of car

  • Mini Convertible boot space

    The Mini Convertible is more practical than you might think, thanks to a 215-litre boot and folding rear seats

  • What is an electronic handbrake?

    No more straining to yank up a lever: cars with an electronic handbrake require just the press of a button - but aren't to everyone's taste

  • Petrol vs diesel: which is best?

    Which fuel should I go for? Let our petrol vs diesel guide answer all your questions on emissions, economy, depreciation and more

  • Best place to buy a used car

    Buy online or visit a dealership? Weigh up the pros and cons before deciding the best place buy a used car